Happy Valentines Day Poems for Family

Happy Valentines Day Poems for Family : Hello friends, for the season of love we are providing you the latest collection of happy valentines day poems, happy valentines day text messages, valentines day sms, valentines day poem for family, valentines day 2015 that you can greet to your friends and loved ones. So have a look at our latest collection of happy valentine day sms wishes:

My family's the greatest;
They're surely the best.
I'm surrounded by love;
I really am blessed.
As families go,
You get an "A" on the test!
I'm sending to you

A verbal bouquet;
My love to you all;
Happy Valentine’s Day! 


valentines day poems for family
Happy Valentines Day

Sometimes a group of people
Will bring you happiness
In ways you never dreamed of,
In ways you can’t express.
Your family is like that;

That’s why we want to say
How much we appreciate you;
Happy Valentine’s Day!


Family to family, we're glad you're our friends;
Our family and yours--everything blends.
Our closeness provides a safe harbor in storm,
A wonderful feeling, satisfying and warm.
We wish you the best on this Valentine's Day.

We're sending good thoughts--an affection bouquet.
Special friendship like yours is really a find
We think your great family is one of a kind.


I wish health, love and happiness to my family;
I’m so happy to be one of you.
You’re always so caring and giving to me;
You support me in whatever I do.
I’m proud to be part of this wonderful group;
Oh...and Happy Valentine's Day, too!

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