Happy Valentines Day Poems for Wife

Happy Valentines Day Poems for Wife : Hello everyone, for the season of love we are providing you the latest collection of happy valentines day poems, happy valentines day poems for wife, valentines day sms, valentines day wife poems, valentines day 2015 that you can greet to your wife. So have a look at our latest collection of happy valentine day sms wishes:

My dear partner and wife,
You're the love of my life,
And I love you much more every year.

You are kind, and you're sweet,
And your thinking's so neat,
That I always learn lots from you, dear.

You are generous and charming,
With a smile that's disarming;
You are truly my pride and my pleasure.

All the things that are you
Make my dreams all come true,
And for always your love I will treasure!

Happy Valentines Day...!!!

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Happy Valentine's Day

Each day you fill my heart with love;
My wife, you're a blessing from up above.
I have a partner whose life I share,
A sweetheart who's beyond compare.

You're a wondrous delight, my Valentine,
And I'm very thankful you are mine.
You're cute and smart and caring, too;,
It was my lucky day when I found you.

You're the perfect blend of wife for me;
In my eyes you shine, so I hope you see
How my love for you grows; it's deep and strong,
As we share our days in our own love song.

Happy Valentines Day...!!!


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I'm thankful that I married you;
You’re always there for me, on my side;
You’re a wonderful woman, my cherished wife;
Whenever you’re with me, I'm filled with pride.

You always look for ways to help;
I’m so very grateful for all you do.
You make my life much happier,
With little things, and big things, too.

I love you, and I always will;
I’m so very glad that you are mine.
You’re all I’ll ever need or want;
My precious wife, my Valentine.

Happy Valentines Day...!!!

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