Happy Valentines Day Romantic Poems | Hindi Poems 2015

We provide the latest collection of Happy Valentine Day 2015 Poems, happy valentines day hindi poems, valentine poems for whatsapp facebook status: valentine’s is a day for love birds. Everybody celebrates this day with love with heart and passion. Celebrate the Valentines day of affection with surprises, gifts, messages,  shopping, outings, dating more.

valentine day poems in hindi
Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day Romantic Poems | Hindi Poems 2015

Here we've selected some Happy Valentines Day 2015 Poems to make the day pleasurable and to make everybody feel loved and being happy all manner through. You'll simply send these messages to your loved ones to provide them happiness and a sense of care. You'll additionally share this as a standing update in social networking sites such as facebook, google plus, twitter, stumble upon, dig, pinterest and much more.

Valentines Day Poem

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Music is beautiful
And so are you
You smell so good
You smell so sweet
You smell good enough to eat
My love is for you
For you are in my heart
My love is for you
My beautiful sweetheart
So I hope
You take this poem to heart
Because I hope
That we shall never part
Happy Valentine Day...!!! 

Happy Valentines Day Poems 2015

There’s someone I know Who I really can’t stand I wish he would bury his Head in the sand or Move to the moon or Deeper out of space Whenever I see him I make a weird face Today during recess Outside the yard He suddenly gave me A valentine card I wish that he hadn't It made me upset It was the prettiest one I could possible get My heart has chosen you, On this magical day of love- To share and dwell upon, The beauty of its touch How sweet and blissful is, The humming of its song- The wonders that it brings I, knowing you’re the one It has invited me Into its world of inspirational dreams- A place called paradise, Where love and laughter sings My heart has chosen you And my soul agrees as well You are the splendid light Of true loves magical spell…

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